Why Pinnacle ?

Engineered machines built for long term durability.


Our machines are our reputation, our customers are our partners.

3D modeling software used to develop each machine project
• Customer can customize the machine design to optimize floor space.
• Assists customer when reviewing employee safety.
• Assists customer when reviewing material handling issues.
• Produces detailed manufacturing drawings that insure consistent quality and    reliable delivery dates.
• Produces detailed installation drawings that insure a smooth turnkey
  machine installation.

Complete rail and machine installation by Pinnacle
• Customer does not have to source out a third party installer.
Pinnacle is responsible for the entire installation.

Comprehensive operator and general maintenance training
• Optimizes machine performance.
• Maximizes consumable life.
• Optimizes cut quality.

Partnership with world leaders in the field of expertise
• Wide range of technical support.
• Large distribution network for parts.