Everest 3000

The Everest 3000 Profile Cutting Machine was designed to meet the needs of the steel service center. The rigid steel construction and precision machining combined with powerful AC brushless servos and low backlash gear boxes will satisfy the most demanding production environment. The design criteria focused on the same features of the Everest 2000 with high precision being the upgraded feature. The use of linear bearing technology along the bridge axis, accompanied by a more powerful AC drive package ensures high precision and repeatability. The Pinnacle criteria of non-stop production, serviceability, utilization of standard off the shelf and easily available components, still applies.. The Everest 3000 is customized by the customer to meet their specific cutting requirements and flexible enough to meet their future needs. This flexible design offers a variety of cutting, bevelling, marking, and drilling options, available on multiple stations. A variety of downdraft and water tables are available. This workhorse will meet any production demands with reliability and high precision.